Virginia spends much of her days helping people further their musical potential under the business title of The Music Monster. What spare time she has is spent seeing the local sights, visiting frequently the coastal areas, cliffs and beaches. Her love and fascination of the sea is manifest in all of her prose writing, of which there is a great deal. The last two years have seen a rare streak of discipline in the artistic works of Virginia in keeping a diary of writings that was designed to encourage a bit of writing each day. It was originally meant to be one thousand words a day, but that was a bit too much discipline for her to adhere to. Throughout 2012 Virginia created the first draft of a historical novel. Poetry is a scarce commodity in the works of Virginia who, upon completing one poem she is pleased with, is then obliged to wait a year before another decent one comes along. Whilst she strongly believes that poetry should rhyme, she has written no fewer – and no more – than two  poems of a non-rhyming nature with which she is particularly pleased. Occasionally pencil meets paper and a picture is drawn, but of late this is even rarer than the poetry. When inspiration is present, however, Virginia draws portraits, often from photos, sometimes from scratch, as illustrations.


Virginia’s favourite colour is yellow.
Virginia has a unique nose.
Virginia vowed never to become a teacher.
Virginia loves cheese.
Virginia would love to receive a twug from Donnie Wahlberg.


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