Susan accepted Keith’s marriage proposal, after only a few weeks dating, in the early summer of 1976 and they married on the 25th of September that year. She gave up her teaching career for twenty years to raise their family, but did return to teaching for several years after Keith’s retirement in 1996 until her family persuaded her that it really wasn’t worth it and that they would rather go without the extra money.

Susan has always felt ‘satisfaction from painting experiences with words’, and for several years her annual Halloween stories brought much delight to the family, as did her tales of Rosie Jane and Jessica, stories written in rhyme for her children. As a poet, Susan has also had work published in several anthologies over the years.

Her inspiration for writing comes from her ‘amazement at the detail in all forms of life’ and, as she herself states, ‘the excitement on hearing the music of being’. She is an accomplished writer of observational non-fiction, drawing upon the natural world for inspiration, and is fuelled by a ‘desire to share the results of creativity with those who want to see and hear uncorrupted appreciation of that which is gifted to us in this world’.


As a student, Susan once drove six friends to Scarborough in her mini in the middle of the night to bring back some sand.
As a teacher at the same school in the seventies Susan used to be scared of Keith, who oversaw stationery supplies, to the point of regularly buying her own chalk.


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