Lydia has been gracing the world with her presence since November 1982. Since then she has enthusiastically provided the planet and individuals who cross her path with her own unique brand of baffling enchantment and, more often than not, consternation.

Lydia’s second biggest fear is running out of time to do all the delicious things she wants to do, and is eager to fill her life to the brim with as many fabulous experiences as possible. Lydia works full-time in professional administration and management, whilst trying to pack every spare minute with other creative delights and studies. Over the years she has tried taking time off to relax, but on nearly every occasion this has made her ill. Several years ago it was therefore agreed by common consensus that Lydia is only capable of two speeds: ‘GOGOGO!’ and ‘sleep’.

After studying an undergraduate degree which didn’t interest her at all, Lydia returned to studying after a few years and undertook a MLitt Highlands and Islands Literature. In 2012, Lydia enrolled on a research degree at the Centre for Nordic Studies at the University of Highlands and Islands, focussing on culture and identity. Lydia has an academic interest in folklore, particularly that of Orkney.

A naturally fast talker, Lydia has to consciously slow her speech down to ensure people understand what she’s saying. Unfortunately, she finds this very hard when she is discussing something about which she is particularly passionate. Lydia is fantastic at debating issues close to her heart, and seldom loses an argument. Given the above point, however, this may well be because no-one can understand a word she’s saying.


Lydia’s favourite number is 9, though she also likes 3 and 6 and has sympathy for the number 13.
Lydia will not let anyone but a hairdresser cut her hair after attempts by two of her sisters temporarily left her sadly more lacking in the hair department than she had anticipated.


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