A retired maths and science teacher, Keith taught in North Lincolnshire until the mid-eighties when the Crow Clan headed north to Orkney, whereupon he finished the last decade of his career teaching mathematics at Stromness Academy. That is, until he temporarily came out of retirement to home-school Clemency and Judith, developing a curriculum that would actually be interesting, and which included things like Latin.

Having always been a keen walker, Keith is currently enjoying his retirement and his family’s adventures and excursions around Caithness. Keith appears to be viewing said retirement as a second childhood, and with every year that passes endeavours to try and instigate healthy discussion amongst his family by participating in conversations with deliberately provocative comments. This inevitably nearly always achieves the results for which he was hoping.


Keith dislikes bananas, cheese and yoghurts.
Keith used to drive an ex-army eleven-seater Landrover because it was the only vehicle that could fit all of his family.

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