Judith loves being creative using any medium.  She would like it to be known that this does not mean that she is good at all things creative but finds that being creative is an excellent way of putting her in a great mood.  She has always loved writing and still owns many of those early stories she wrote when three pages seemed like a novel.

Currently Judith has two main creative outlets, The Forty Five Project and her writing (also covered on ShiverWriggle), although she has also been known to indulge in some musicianship, photography and drawing and painting. The Forty Five Project can probably be best explained by a visit to the website. Judith’s creative writing focuses on fiction and poetry. Judith finds that she loves to begin things but has a harder time completing them, so generally relies on the rest of her family to remind her to finish the things she starts.

Aside from all things creative, there are a few things you might be interested to hear about Judith. She likes Vikings and Jacobites, and generally shares her researching efforts between the two of them. If you ask her a question on either topic she will probably be able to give you some sort of answer, but gives no guarantee for the same on any other topic.  She is very proud to be Scottish (specifically Orcadian) and generally can’t keep that to herself. She loves weasels (and mustelids in general) and walruses. Also, Judith has a soft spot for red pandas after purchasing a red panda puppet (Charles Edward).


When she was younger, Judith opted to play the trumpet rather than a string instrument, to be different from her sisters.
Judith’s usual introduction is ‘Hello, I’m Judith and I’m short’.
Judith’s favourite colour is pink.


ShiverWriggle (as Hugin)

The Forty Five Project

The Rosie Janes

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