Clemency Crow is the youngest of the Crow family, born in 1993, and is currently studying at the University of Highlands and Islands.  She has enjoyed writing for some time, winning both the short story and the poetry competitions at her previous college, and is currently working on a set of novels about the threat to a parallel world from the arrival of people from this world, as well as composing a number of poems and short stories.  She also loves to create things with Lego, and thinks it’s important to keep connected with your inner child.  Her long-time love of creating things led to her wishing to pursue a degree in Architecture, but she eventually decided to read Sustainable Rural Development to further her knowledge and love of the natural world. Clemency has been producing a nature magazine, Clem’s Clarion, for a number of years, with readers including HRH Prince Charles.  It is Clemency’s long-term aim to own a smallholding, and she is an avid reader of Country Smallholding.


As a child, Clemency wanted to be a mammoth when she grew up.
Clemency likes white mice.
Clemency is a fantastic budding seamstress.
Clemency spends most of her life in wellies.


Pip Sherbet

The Rosie Janes

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