Alex is a writer.  He doesn’t want to ‘be a writer’ but actually is one.  This point is crucial to understanding him.  He loves to string words together in a variety of different formats; poetry, short stories, blog or journal pieces and longer fiction.  Recently he has been spending rather a lot of time working on a novel, which became two novels, then three, before returning to two as one was shelved for future creation, then once more back to one, as the other usurper also made way for the original.  Alex also loves photography, and especially photos of nature.  Nature has long been a crucial theme in his work, as have scary monsters and wicked witches.  Fairy stories, myths and legends are often interspersed in Alex’s creative endeavours with observations on humanity, both the good, the bad and the indifferent.  Alex has, of late, returned to other forms of art; carvings, sculpture, pen and ink, sketches, all have been brought into the world.  He has also utilised his knowledge of nature, bushcraft and native crafts and skills to replicate items from our distant past.  This process, while originally intended to be one of a practical nature, has opened his eyes to the artistic side of bushcraft, the application of a little carving here, or stitching in a certain aesthetic way there.  Alex isn’t good working to deadlines, and believes great art can’t be rushed.


When he was younger, Alex wanted to be Robin of Sherwood.
Alex has a growing collection of animal skulls.
Alex technically owns an imaginary dog called Moriarty.


Alexander Michael Crow
Coming Soon

ShiverWriggle (as Alex)

ShiverWriggle (as Vague)

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