The Clan

La Famille Crow was established as a twosome in the mid-seventies, doubled within two years, and continued to grow from there. Described by one member as ‘a cross between the Addams Family, the Waltons and the Mitchells from Eastenders’ and by another as ‘a cross between the March family and the Von Trapps’, the exploits of the various members have certainly caused much amusement for many over the years. As all of the family are naturally of a creative bent (even Keith most recently trod the boards only a few years ago, as the Judge in a production of The Wind in the Willows), and always up to things, it was suggested that the family should be introduced to the world en masse, bringing together current and past adventures and projects.

A big ‘hello!’ to everyone perusing these pages. Here’s hoping they raise a smile.



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